Wednesday, 22 June 2016

How benefit career on cruise ship ?

For many people, applying career on cruise ship is attractive job position based on various reasons. Traveling aboard and visiting many beautiful destination is one of exciting part getting career on the cruise ship such as; visiting Hawaii, pacific island, Mexico and Mediterranean-Caribbean. Getting job in a cruise ship is fantastic career because every crew can enjoy many beautiful tourist spot and free aboard traveling. They only pay airfare to get out from cruise ship and enjoy vacation on recent destination. Every cruise crew or workers will get accommodation for free on the board and it will be shared well for senior workers such as; guest entertainer, senior officers who have private cabin facilities. The cruise ship crew especially for workers often get busy schedule and they will not get shared cabin with senior officer.

Most of cruise workers get huge salary from 1,500 USD up to 2,500 USD for different kind of job positions on the ship. They get high salaries because spend a lot of time at sea and work far away from their home. They have limited times to spend their salaries on the board of cruise ship because they work in busy schedule. No time for shopping on the cruise ship. For some job position, there are great career on the cruise ship that may be suit with your interest, as follows;

·         Food + beverage officer. This career responsibility for restaurant, bar in the ship includes providing customer service, food and beverage maintenance and cleaning food service.
·         Deck attendant. This job position responsibility to deck maintenance area, perform general duty, assist all passenger service and keeping well ship deck equipment.
·         Engine-room engineer. This career responsibility for room maintenance and cleaning in the ship engine area as well as engine repairing job
·         Laundry crew. This job position responsibility for all clothes service includes; ironing, drying and cleaning of crew and passenger clothes.
·         Pool attendant. This career responsibility to maintenance and cleaning pool area.
·         Cabin house keeper. This job responsibility to maintenance all cabin area includes; passenger cabin, captain cabin and crew cabin area.
·         Ordinary officer. This career do general task on the ship and do not need any skilled experience.
·         Gallery cleaner. This job responsibility for maintenance and cleaning of kitchen area include its equipment.
·         Bell staff. This career responsibility for passenger cabin service such as; running errand, food and beverage delivering service.

When you apply for cruise ship job, send your CV with newest photograph and show your ability or skill that you get from Aryavart Corporation International merchant navy institute. It is very important to present and show interviewer that you are qualified seaman and perfect for certain best position on the cruise ship. It is great to do some research on cruise ship job position before applying job proposal. Be sure you are positive personality and show them that you have accomplished and pass test in SCTW training. With SCTW certificate will present that you able to contribute in high quality cruise service and make cruise personal manager choose you as well. When you success in career application, you will get guidelines of how to work on the cruise ship and receive letter of employment. Congratulation for starting career on the cruise ship.

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