Monday, 4 July 2016

Essential things that you should have in getting career on the cruise ship

It is full filled dream in getting career on the cruise ship. Many people come to apply and try to get job on the ship because this career offer crew in high salaries and give free travel aboard as bonus. Getting paid for cruising job and free travel to various exotic holiday spot is an exciting experience in the real world. Before applying job application, you should know several essential things or accurate information about merchant navy career.

There are plenty of job position opportunity available offered by cruise ship. Each job position is very attractive and comfortable depend on skill and knowledge. This career will give crew experience and chance to travel/visiting various exotic places around the world which they never seen or visited before. However, it is very important to do some research to acquire job on the chip and find the right qualification for each job position.

The most things that you should have are fluent in understanding and speaking English. It is very important skill for most workers on the ship to communicate with all passengers and crew on the ship during cruising. Most of passengers are American traveler and Europe with English speaking. It is interacting job to meet all passengers or guest with your fluent English and you may get well paid from them directly for tip service. The second thing that you have is getting valid passport. It is crucial thing to be having when you are working on the cruise ship because you will travel aboard to different destination around the world. All ship workers should posses’ valid passport while working on the ship. The third things to be consider is having visa. There are several type of visas that you have such as; C1 visa for transit license, D1 visa for seaman license and B2 visa for US visitors. Many popular cruise ship such as; Carnival cruise line, celebrity cruise and royal Caribbean international cruise are landing and located in Florida.

The C1, D1, B2 visas allow workers to stay in the United State of America for several times when cruise ship call to United State port. Usually, these kinds of visas are valid for thirty days.

Last, the crucial thing to consider when you apply for cruise job is getting qualified SCTW certificate from dedicated and reputable merchant navy institute. Present day, there are many merchant navy colleges available in the real world offer professional merchant navy course as well as Aryavart Corporation merchant navy Institute. It is a great place to start having education in merchant navy business. Well educate by professional, trained instructor and excellent marine equipment make this merchant training is one of best merchant navy course in real world. Go visit now and get qualified SCTW certificate before apply awesome career on your cruise ship.