Saturday, 6 August 2016

Thing to know when you apply for cruising job

This present day, cruising job can make people pay more attention because of interesting exciting experience and getting free traveling aboard.  Many people love to work and being a part in cruising industry. It is a fact that cruising job is important part of job for those who love traveling to different exotic destination around the world while working on the ship. However, there are something important factor to be consider and keep in mind when you are applying job in the cruise ship.

Getting job in the cruise ship is easy by choosing job position categorized in various level. There are some job positions available in the cruise ship such as; deck and engineering, service and hospitality, activity and entertainment, office department and personal care department with job description below;

  • Deck and engineering department.
    This level is very important part in the cruise ship. Deck and engineering is responsibility for ship operation mechanism and ship maintenance. In this department, it is needed skilled engineers with high experience to maintenance ship as well.
  • Service and hospitality department
    This level is responsibility for service affair such as; restaurant management service, bars, cabin service, etc. Service and hospitality department is divided into food beverage job, hotel administration, and purser job and housekeeping job position.
  •  Activity and entertainment This level is responsibility for engaging personality and perfect for those who are extrovert’s peoples. This job is responsible to giving good entertainment to all passengers. Activity and entertainment level is divided into several job position such as; cruise consultant, art auctioneer, counselor disc jockey and short excursion assistant manager.
  • Office department
    This level is responsibility for official record. Office department is divided into; tour accounting job, senior staff accountant, analyst ship operation and ship bookkeepers.
  •  Personal care department
    This level is responsibility for well being crew and passengers. For this level, there are some additional facilities to support this department such as; fitness instructor, beauty therapy and hair style facility.
 The cruising job is an exciting and glamour field. The first contract usually takes for forty hours in a week for six months periods. This job is perfect for people who not suffer from sea sickness and looking for high salaries.  This job is also excellent for people who want to meet new people and love traveling aboard. If you are interested in cruise job, it is important to be educated at professional and trusted marine school at Aryavart Corporation International institute. In this place, you will be trained as professional seaman with qualified STCW certificate.