Monday, 16 May 2016

Why STCW Course is important in merchant navy job?

For those who want to start career in merchant navy or other work career at the sea, then they have to get STCW training. It is specific course to take if people want to work at sea. It is important to keep in mind that STCW course is so important to get career at sea.
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Starting with SCTW training of standard of training, certification and watch keeping as basic training for those who want get career at sea before they able to work in the ship company. It is important to complete all stage in SCTW course to get high qualification with following parts, as follows;

·         EFA training for elementary first aid course
·         FPFF training for fire fighting and fire prevention course
·         PST training for personal survival technique course, and
·         PSSR training for personal safety and social responsibility

STCW is basic training for people who interested to get career at sea because this people are requirement for any ship position. It will be hard to find job at sea without STW certification because all candidate have to standard minimum of qualification. This training will help people basic skill of career that they need to get start at first job. STCW training is perfect place to meet with other people and network that can help you to get new experience and first position. You can get advantage from your instructor and help you to get the right job opportunity.

When you decide to choose the right place where you can take STCW training, there is something to consider about instructor qualification. You want to get training where your instructor is not only well-trained instructor but also good person with a lot of experience. For this reason, it is time to go to Aryavart Corporation merchant navy institute with dedicated, well trained instructor. In this institute, all qualified instructor will share any knowledge and experience with you and get awesome idea of such thing that involved in merchant navy career at sea.

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